David Beckham — how football talent became global style icon

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David Beckham — how football talent became global style icon


I quess almost everyone will know famous football(soccer) player from Great Britain David Beckham. The guy’s first and last name is as famous as Coca-Cola or Nike. He has a serious self-brand… Moreover, he is a father of four, his wife Victoria — businesswoman, fashion designer, model and former “Spice Girls” member and David involves himself in charities and doesn’t forget to participate in most attention getting events.

Beckham with kids and wife

Beckham with kids and wife

On May 18, 2013 footballer had his last game and ended his 20 year long sportsman career. There are rumors that David is now trying to get into Hollywood industry and become an actor. He already had ton of photoshoots, been on magazine covers, has his parfume and fregrance line and over cosmetics for men.

David Beckham is always in front of fashion. He’s not only very fashionable but he even sets the trends. Also when talking about Beckham we can clearly say that he had one of the most hairstyles during his sport career in the whole sports history.

So how did he became such a style icon? Who knows… But most likely his wife pushed him into fashion a bit because at the time they started dating she already was style icon for women nd later she became fashion designer.

Check out some of his hairstyles:

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