David Beckham’s new H&M campaign 2015 — Modern Essentials

Men’s hairstyling trends for 2015
Men’s hairstyling trends for 2015
January 28, 2015
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February 18, 2015
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David Beckham’s new H&M campaign 2015 — Modern Essentials


Have you heard that David Beckham is on his new campaign with H&M this year? And not only he did some photoshooting but he actually have collection selected by him called “Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham” which is launching on Spring 2015.


Collection includes shirts, t-shirts, jeans, pants, jackets and other stuff that Beckham wears on a daily basis. Now every regular man will have opportunity to dress up like Becks.

“I am thrilled to continue and extend my collaboration with H&M by selecting my favourite pieces from this spring’s Modern Essentials collection,” enthused Beckham. “Each piece is a new wardrobe classic that will update every man’s spring wardrobe with great style. Marc Forster is one of my favourite directors – I can’t wait to reveal the new campaign with H&M.”

Some photos from photoshoot:


And as you’ve noticed David’s hair looks awesome as always… His hairut is grown out tapered undercut from about #3 guard on clipper to ~2cm(1in). Top must be at least 10cm and maybe even more. His hairstyle is really light and manageable throughout the day. For this kind of hairstyle you just want to use a small finger tip of matte-natural finish product like wax, clay or paste. You just want a bit of hold and still remain good manageability. You can have it finger combed back or sport some bangs hanging around. It doesn’t matter if it gets messy, it looks even cooler and you can always fix it with your fingers throughout the day — that’s the whole point of this hairstyle.

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