Everything about slick-back hairstyle

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July 17, 2015
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Everything about slick-back hairstyle


Slicked back hair has already been in style for over 100 years. There are several other different hairstyles that originated from this old classic. A lot of various hair products have been invented for this hairstyle, the most notable ones being pomades. In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about the slick-back hairstyle and its modern „young brother“.

Classic slick-back




The classic slicked back hairstyle is notable for its neat and tidy appearance. All of the hair is coated with a high-shine product, usually pomade and slicked back with a comb. Not really seen as an everyday hairstyle these days, but perfect for various celebrations. The classic slick-back usually has a taper on the sides, which are slicked back as well as the top hair. If you like a neat appearance, go for this blast from the past.


The classic variant of slick-back doesn’t require any tools other than a comb and good pomade. In the past, pomades used to be only oil based and washed out of hair really hard. Nowadays, there are some great water-based pomades, that have a nice high shine and a good flexible hold, that wash out of hair very easily. However, oil based pomades have some advantages over water-based ones as well, which we will talk about in our future articles.

Coat all of your hair from roots to tips with a pomade of your choice and using a comb simply slick it all back. The longer the hair, the easier it will slick back, so consider growing it out before you try out this hairstyle. If you add the pomade in damp hair, the pomade will go through your hair much easier and will offer shine more.

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Modern slick-back




Nowadays, a messier in appearance, matte finish slick-back hairstyles are very fashionable. The modern variant goes very well with the still popular undercut. A lot of celebrities like David Beckham have been rocking this style for quite some time already, and it doesn‘t look like it will go away easily. A modern slick-back is much more suitable as an everyday hairstyle these days, but should look well on special occasions too. This style also has much more volume than its classic counterpart, so without further ado, let‘s go to the styling part, so you know how to achieve it.


The styling part is totally different than the classic slick-back‘s. First of all, for the modern variant a blow-dryer is almost a „must“. It is required to achieve that volume. The products are completely different too. A matte finish product is used instead of a high-shine one. Not only that, but various pre-stylers could be used before blow-drying as well. Spinning a brush while blow-drying increases the volume even more and adds control. Use your fingers afterwards to add more texture and separation to your hair.

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Here you go, men. We have shared some history, styling tips and other information we know. Hopefully this helps you to achieve an awesome slickback, whether it‘s a classic or a modern one. Take care, men!

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