Men’s hairstyling trends for 2015

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January 13, 2015
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Men’s hairstyling trends for 2015

Men’s hairstyling trends for 2015

So as you already have noticed, 2015 just came in. New year always brings new trends. I think it’s time to predict what this year is going to bring us. Some styles are going to get a bit old, some to reborn, some are going to slowly transform into new…

  1. Undercuts

    Yup, they will still remain popular because of its versatility and slower introduction to new trends in some countries. People are going to modernize these hairstyles even more by wearing them in man bun, which got very popular for the last two years, and messing them around to create more casual hairstyles with fringes and swoopy waves. But we are pretty sure that this year is the last year of undercut’s massive popularity and most of the guys will move forward from undercut.

  2. Long hairstyles

    Long hair is really on trend for men right now. Long hairstyles got very popular on 2014 again, so this year it’s going to be even more trendy. You can wear it in many ways — let them flow, use hair band or just tie them into man bun or top knot. Everything will look just great but if you can pull off a beard, it will look even better.

  3. Classy tapered side part hairstyles

    Classy hairstyles will always remain popular and that’s 100% truth. A nice businessman look like from Mad Men series looks great on every man with serious intentions on his life. Just put on some pomade if you want some shine or use some matte wax or clay to keep the hairstyle in place. It’s just an absolute classic that came from past century.

  4. Contrast weight line

    Contrast weight line is just a perfect style for those who are moving forward from undercuts. It looks great with wavy or curly hair. You can grow your top of the sides out very fast and easy to sport this look. Very often it’s the half way from growing out your undercut into medium or long hairstyle.

  5. Messy medium long hairstyles

    That’s the absolute top of this year. Medium-long hair on top and medium length on sides and back…That’s the perfect combo since everyone is ditching the undercuts this year. Styling like messy fringe, messy slick backs, blow outs, quiffs and modern pompadours will work best for this haircut. It looks best to keep it natural looking, so natural-matte finish products will work best for that kind of hairstyles.

That’s GentleHair prediction what to expect to be trendy this year. Some of the styles were already trendy last year, so maybe it’s not a big surprise. But first, keeping it clean and unique is always what we should go for. So I wish you to have great hair day every day this year.

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  1. Jeff says:

    Great article. Thanks for the tip about undercuts going out this year.

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