Perfect haircut: how to act in barbershop/salon

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June 7, 2015
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Perfect haircut: how to act in barbershop/salon


Did you feel disappointed after your last visit to the barbershop or salon? While poor haircutting technique could have been the cause of this, a lack of communication from you could be a problem as well. Not giving exact requirements often leads to the barber just giving you the haircut that he THINKS you want. However, these few steps from GentleHair should help you to learn how to act before going to the barbershop and how to communicate while you are there.

  1. Do your homework

    If you are not happy with your current situation, it is always good to ask around. Try to go after recommendations of men who usually have haircuts you like. There is always a chance that the barber of that man will give you a haircut that is just as good. However, if you are not familiar with men like that, try searching for recommendations online.

  2. We RECOMMEND to choose barbershops

    Sadly, the barbershop tradition is coming to an end. Instead, men just choose a salon that is meant for both genders. We are not against it, but no one knows men’s hair as well as a good old barber does. In our opinion, every man needs a good regular barber, someone who will know every complexity of your hair and every angle of your head. That leads to great, consistent results.

  3. Make an appointment

    If you want to be treated right, make sure you make an appointment. Your barber is usually busy as it is, so instead of just coming to the barbershop, make sure you call your barber or just stop by and make an appointment at the shop. This way, you do not have to wait and let other men first. Not only that, but also your barber will always treat you better and have his time with you.

  4. Tell your barber what hairstyle you want in general

    This is a part of doing your homework. You have to make sure you know what your requested haircut’s usual name is or how to describe it. Your barber should be familiar with names of haircuts. Bringing in a photo or even a video of the hairstyle you seek works wonders too.

  5. Try to give exact measurements

    After you tell your barber what you seek, try to give him exact measurements (if you know them, of course). You should never say things like “a little bit shorter” or “trim the top a bit”. Instead, use phrases like “an inch off the top” if you want to avoid getting a haircut that is too short for your taste. However, if you do not know the exact measurements of your haircut, try asking your barber for a short trim. If the hair is still too long for your taste, ask to cut a little bit more. If not, tell him it looks ok. Memorizing the numbers of clippers you use is always great as well.

  6. Give more details

    Giving more details will remove a big burden from your barber’s shoulders for sure. There are few important things that your barber would probably like to hear when you sit in his chair. Here are some of them:

    Tell him what type of neckline you want

    You hardly ever see it yourself, but a clean and tidy neckline improves your hairstyle and how other people see it a lot. There are three usual types of necklines:

    Blocked – suits men who have a skinny type of neck the best. It gives an impression that your neck is thicker and wider than it really is. However, this type of neckline tends to get really untidy quickly, when your hair starts growing out. Try to go for a trim every two weeks or learn to trim it yourself.

    Rounded – this is basically a blocked neckline with corners taken out. The biggest drawback of this one is the the same – the quick untidiness.

    Tapered – this one does the opposite of blocked one. Instead of making your neck to appear visually thicker, it makes it look thinner. Instead of making a strong line, this one follows your natural hairline and gradually gets longer as it goes to the top. It looks really tidy even when it starts growing out.
    If your hair is very thick, ask him to thin it out with thinning scissors

    Ask your barber to use point cutting technique if you want more texture

    Give more details (for example, if you want a razor line part, ask for one)

  7. When you’re finished talking, let your barber speak

    You might think, that you know best, but that’s actually not always true. Barbers, especially experienced ones, know exactly what they are doing and what suits people. Let him talk and give some suggestions to you or offer some tweaks to your requirements, so that the haircut suits your face shape and hair texture.

  8. Try to be realistic

    Do not expect the exact same results you saw in that photo or video you brought to the barbershop. While your barber will try his absolute best to replicate the haircut, everyone’s hair and face shapes are different. The barber can only try to copy the haircut and style, however, he cannot make it look identical.

  9. Tip your barber if you like the haircut

    This is one of the best ways to thank your barber for a great haircut. He will be sure that you liked his finished work and will try to replicate the exact cut the next time you sit in his chair.

  10. Let it settle in

    If the haircut was something drastic (for example, you took off a lot of length or tried a completely new style) the result may seem a little bit shocking. However, try not to panic. Let things settle in and wait for a few days. That’s when you will see for sure if the haircut was good or not.

That’s it, gentlemen. We hope these tips help you to achieve the haircut you want the next time you’re at the salon or barbershop. However, if things don’t go right, you shouldn’t stress over it. Always remember that hair is hair. It will grow back in no time and when it does, you can always choose a different barber. Just throw in a bit of confidence and the haircut could appeal to others, even if it doesn’t to you!


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