Product rating

Meanings of product ratings

Honesty and happy customers are most important values for us. That's why provides you with honest characteristics of every product. Here we are describing every rating in more detail.

How strong the product holds your hair in place

Lowest hold
Low hold
Medium hold
High hold
Super high hold

How shiny/glossy/wet your hair looks after product application

No shine / matte finish
Semi-matte finish
Natural shine
High shine
Wet finish

How heavy the product is - less weight = more volume

Lowest weight
Lowest weight
Medium weight
Super heavy
Application / Stickyness

How easy it is to apply the product to hair

Very sticky, can pull out hair
Hard to apply
Medium hardness of product application
Easy to apply
Very easy to apply

How long the product holds hair

Holds well for about an hour
Holds well for about 3-5 hours
Holds well for about 5-8 hours
Holds well for about 8-14 hours
Holds well for about 14 hours and even more
Washing out

How easy it is to wash out the product from hair

Washes out only with shampooing twice
Washes out with shampoo but not completely
Washes out completely with shampoo
Washes out with water but not completely
Completely washes out with just water
Pliability / Re-style

How easy it is to re-style your hairstyle during the day

Zero pliability
Very low pliability
Medium pliability
Easy to re-style
Very easy to re-style