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7 Big Benefits Of Cutting Your Own Hair | GentleHair.com

7 big benefits of cutting your own hair


Have you ever tried cutting your own hair? I am cutting my own hair for nearly 3 years now and it’s definitely a life changer for me. I got so much from it that I even decided to share my skills with the world and teach what I have learned through these years. It has some really solid benefits on why you should start doing that or just give it a try. I am giving you a list of 7 big benefits of cutting your own hair.

 Benefits of cutting your own hair


  1. Saving some money

    You save money that you would spend on going to barbershops or hair salons. Even though you have to invest some money into clippers and scissors, it will likely pay off, especially if you’re going to do it on a long term.

  2. Looking to new trends and styles more

    Yes, you will have to get more into fashion and hair trends. That not only will improve your hairstyle but the whole style in general.

  3. Always getting the exact haircut you want

    You know your hair best — from every crown to your future hairstyle visions. It’s often really hard to explain to barber what you really want. By doing it yourself, you have full control to do whatever you imagine.

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  4. Therapy-meditation

    While being completely focused on the process, you forget all your problems and clear your mind. It’s like some kind of therapy or meditation.

  5. Haircut whenever you want

    Can do it once a month, once every two weeks, Monday, Friday and whenever you want. You can always keep your head fresh.

  6. You save time

    Do it right at home. No need to go out to barbershop or hair salon, no waiting in line and calling before to arrange for a visit.

  7. Unique Skill

    Skills like that impress people, people won’t believe that you do it by yourself. And it’s fun to see their faces after you telling them that you did this all on your own.

So as you can see, there really are some solid benefits but you have to know that it takes some practice to master this skill. On the other hand, you will never learn if you will never try. I suggest you start from simplest basic stuff. We have plenty of very useful guides for you on our website and youtube channel. And remember that hair always grows back!

2 thoughts on “7 big benefits of cutting your own hair

    • Paulius says:

      We all can find our ways how to clear our minds and meditate :). It’s like meditation for me because when cutting my own hair I forget everything and concentrate to details. Maybe the word “meditation” is not right for this situation but you should have understood me.

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