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Importance of a good haircut for men | GentleHair.com

Importance of a good haircut for men


Good haircut and style suddenly became very important. 21st century came with a much bigger confidence of men trying something new and different. So a lot more men became aware of their personal style and of course hair. A good haircut completes your style and finishes your appearance. So what is a good haircut and why it is important?



  1. Good Haircut Gives you confidence

    You feel a lot better after a good haircut. Fresh, clean, good looking. You know that feelin’, right? Like you can get anything you want in your life! You feel so much better with a haircut than with a bad one — it’s that simple.

  2. Versatility

    Versatility is one of the most important aspects of a good haircut. You want to have as many options on how you can style your hair as possible, so you can match it with your outfits and occasions. Classy on a date, casual messy just for everyday situations and so on…

  3. It suits you

    Good haircut must match your face shape and hair type, so it not only doesn’t look weird on you but compliments you too.

  4. Easy to control

    You don’t have to spend much time to style it every morning for your everyday look and you want a haircut that you can easily restyle during the day.

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  5. It should match your lifestyle and personality

    If you are a pretty crazy person and don’t have a job that requires neat look, then you can have whatever haircut you want. But Mohawk would look pretty dumb on a corporate worker, lawyer or businessman. Haircut suits your lifestyle, personality, job, and status.

  6. Grows out nicely

    It doesn’t look super bad and weird a few weeks after…

So now you know what is a good haircut and how important it is in this century of personal appearance. Your hair says a lot about you and it should make a best first impression possible. So you better go for it!

2 thoughts on “Importance of a good haircut for men

  1. Persephone de Vito says:

    It was really nice that you suggested making sure that in choosing a haircut for a man, they have to make sure it suits their face and hair type. I will make sure to let my hubby know about that because he was planning to get a haircut soon. He used to have a barber who knows what suits him perfectly, however, the man has passed away, so he needs to find a new one. Hopefully, we can find a new barber who will provide the kind of haircut that you mentioned here. Thank you.

  2. Zachary Tomlinson says:

    I find it interesting to learn that having a good haircut can give a man the versatility and confidence they need to have on various occasions. My uncle has been growing his hair for 2 years now and he’s wondering if it’s about time he gets it cut. I should share this with him so he’d be convinced that it’s time to look for a barber and get a short haircut.

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