Disconnected undercut hairstyle for men


Disconnected Undercut type of haircuts has been very popular for the previous several years. A lot of actors, musicians and most famous sportsmen have them. Even though undercuts are on trend for quite a long time, all kinds of fashion shows and other trend-setting events tells us that it will still remain its trendiness for some time…

Undercuts at 19th and 20th centuries

Undercuts started getting popular at the end of 19th century. On the first half of 20th century, it reached its biggest popularity and became one of the most popular haircuts between soldiers and working-class men. Hair was very often combed and slicked back or after setting the side part combed diagonally or to the side. A lot of oil based pomades were used to make sure that hair stays in place and shines. One of the most common ingredients of these times’ pomades were lanolin(wool fat), pig, bear fat, beeswax, and vaseline. Because of these ingredients, it was very hard to wash your hair out and often one time wasn’t enough. Modern time’s pomades solved this problem and offered us water based water-soluble pomades.

Modern day undercuts

Undercuts started dying out after few decades after second World War and these haircuts were forgotten until it wasn’t awakened by youth subcultures like hipsters and skaters on about 2010. Youngsters inspired by 1930s-1940s retro style and elegance popularized that hairstyle so much that after few years it became massively recognizable haircut, especially popular between celebrities — men and women, like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. TV, cinema, music and sports representatives made a big influence on this haircut’s popularity and because of that, it is massively widespread today.

Disconnected Undercuts are divided into two groups — connected(blended with fade, not that sharp contrast) and disconnected(sharp contrast, hard lines).

Hot to cut it by yourself

Of course, GentleHair wouldn’t be GentleHair if we wouldn’t show you how to do it by yourself. We are presenting a video with vocal step-by-step instructions on how to cut your own hair disconnected undercut style.




For this haircut, product choice depends on how it will be worn. The undercut is a very versatile haircut, so you can style it in a lot of ways.

    1. Classy

      Of course, for classy variant pomade or shiny hair cream or wax is best. It’s best to start with damp hair because it’s easier to distribute product to your hair and comb it through. You can comb it back, diagonally or even to the side. I used Original By BluMaan.



    1. Quiff

      A bit more modern styling of undercut is quiff. Mostly matte finish products are used for these hairstyles. For more volume and higher hold use a blow drier. You can apply some product on damp hair before blow drying. It will give you a good foundation, more volume and hold. After that, use any kind of matte wax or clay. I used Original By BluMaan in this video.



  1. Modern hybrid

    You can figure out more ways yourself on how to style undercuts. We are showing you our way. In this tutorial you will learn how you can achieve unique looking and high volume hairstyle blow drying opposite direction of your hair. Use high hold and matte or semi-matte finish products for this hairstyle. I used Hanz de Fuko Claymation this time.



Just remember that you can create things in life. The same is applied to hairstyling. So go and find a style that’s best for you.

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