Nick Wooster — street style icon and fashion influencer

Nickelson Wooster, better known as Nick Wooster, is a man who always looks good. Despite he is 54 years old now, he looks better than most of the youngsters in the streets. This man has tattoos all over his arms and legs but it makes him even more unique. He is a big fashion influencer, popular fashion blogger and street style icon. He worked with many leading people in fashion and worked in a lot of fashion and clothing companies. And the guy always has great hairstyles…


So who is Nick Wooster? Currently, he is a popular blogger, social media person and free agent who is working with a few clothing and accessories lines. His bio and experience are very impressive. He used to work in most famous fashion brands like Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Calvin Klein(as director retail merchandising), Polo Ralph Lauren(as design director), Neiman Marcus(as men’s fashion director) and he worked as a consultant and fashion advisor in his own and other companies. His most previous job was in JCPenney as creative director for JCPenney menswear.

Nick Wooster Street style

Nick has become the king of the street style. Paparazzis are taking photos of his every step and he always looks good. You can google his name and you won’t find an image of him looking bad. He has almost half a million followers on Instagram. For the past 5 years, Wooster is one of the most recognizable and influential people in men’s fashion. His example shows that age is not an issue to be stylish and fashion forward.

Nick Wooster Hairstyles

Nickelson always rocks great grey hairstyles. Whitebeard and mustache go well with his undercuts.

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Despite his great sense of style and fashionable looks, in my opinion, he looks older than he is. And that’s probably because of his lifestyle and bad habits like smoking. Regardless of that, he is great inspiration for both younger and elder men.

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