Classic Pompadour Hairstyle For Men

Classic Pompadour hairstyle for men

Classic Pompadour is one of the most classy hairstyles of all times. It was the symbol of Rockabilly — one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music, dating to the early 1950s in the United States. James Dean and Elvis were rockin’ this hairstyle and a lot of greasy pomades were used at that time…

Classic Pompadour History

Pompadour hairstyle was named to Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV. The men’s version, as worn by early country and rock and roll stars such as Elvis Presley, was popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Variations of the pompadour style continue to be worn by men in the 21st century.

Classic Pompadour Styling

For styling this hairstyle you need pretty long hair on top. Classy versions have longer taper on sides and back but these days men mostly have shorter clippered sides and back. Pomade is the best hair styling product for this style. Guys used to use oil based pomades in the 20th century and there are a lot of true pomade fans these days too but most of the guys these days just use water-based pomades which is easier to apply and rinse from hair.

It’s easier to start styling with damp hair. Apply pomade to damp hair and then comb everything back. If you want parted look, then make a side part(How to make a side part). Start combing your front (bangs) up and form the pomp with your palm. More detailed explanation in the video below.



Classic Pompadour vs Quiff

Most of the people are confused about the difference between Classic Pompadour and Quiff. Video below will explain it clearly.



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