Mariano Di Vaio — one of the top male models at the moment

Mariano Di Vaio

Mariano… Mariano Di Vaio everywhere. We see this Italian guy on the commercials, all over the Facebook, Tumblr and etc. The guy clearly is one of the most popular male models today. He has more than 2 millions fans on facebook and a lot of guys see him as their fashion and hairstyle inspiration. He has a very popular fashion blog too, which makes him one of the most influent worldwide fashion bloggers.


Born in 1989, in the small and fascinating Assisi, Mariano Di Vaio leaves Italy very soon, just eighteen, to pursue his actor and model career: one year in London, working as a model, and then in New York City, to study acting at NYFA. Back to Europe, he continued his professional career as a model, quickly obtaining magazine covers and collaborations with top international brands (i.e. Cavalli, Brunello Cuccinelli, Gucci). In March 2012, he opened his own blog,, a digital magazine dedicated to men’s passions: not just fashion, but also lifestyle, sports, travel, music, and movies.


He usually wears designer clothes and accessories because he is promoting them(that’s what models do). He has a quite Italian looking style with loads of matched colors and accessories.


The guy has seriously amazing hairstyles. For more than 2 years I’ve been following this guy and he always pulled off most fashionable cuts and styles at the time. He has his top quite long (about 6+ inches) and volumized, while his sides are sharp and shaped but not too short. Some haircuts he has, it is longer so that he can slick them back, in some haircuts it is nicely tapered with scissors. He often sports some highlights in his hair which makes his hairstyle look even more unique and eye-catching.

Here is GentleHair tutorial on Mariano Di Vaio’s hairstyle. Check it out and hope you’ll enjoy it:



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