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8 Healthy Hair Tips For Men's Hairstyle | GentleHair.com

8 healthy hair tips for men’s hairstyle


Do you have damaged, unhealthy looking hair? Every hair day is a bad hair day? Well, let GentleHair help you! All you need to do to get these shiny, bouncy, voluminous locks is set up a proper hair care routine. We are presenting you 8 healthy hair tips for men’s hairstyle.

  1. Healthy diet

    The first step to achieve healthy, shiny hair is a pretty simple one. Healthy hair tips start with healthy diet, just like healthy skin, is a sign of a great inside health. This is why your diet should be clean and nutritious. Foods like salmon, chicken, oatmeal, spinach, eggs etc. include fatty acids, biotin, vitamin B, A, D and E that are essential for healthy hair growth. Try to skip junk foods, guys!

  2. Keep your body hydrated

    One of the most important steps for achieving healthy hair and great all-around health is compensating the continuous fluid losses. Drinking 8 glasses per day is very important for the circulatory system, which feeds the hair follicle. Water comes from the roots up to the tips and makes your hair soft, so keep yourself hydrated at all times to avoid dry hair and scalp. However, don‘t expect over-hydration to change anything, because your kidneys will just excrete all the excess fluids.

  3. Wash it as little as possible

    A big mistake a lot of people make is that they wash their hair daily. This strips the hair from the natural oil that hair produces itself, called sebum, which really nourishes your hair. Using shampoo too often removes this naturally produced oil, so your hair becomes really dry, brittle and doesn‘t reach its full growth potential.

  4. Get a natural shampoo and conditioner

    When you do wash your hair, make sure you are using a natural shampoo and conditioner. Natural shampoos do not include sulfates (like Sodium Laureth Sulfate), which dry out your hair, make it brittle and remove shine, while natural conditioners do not have silicones, which make your hair really dull. Instead, this type of products has some natural ingredients that increase the health of your hair. Hanz De Fuko Natural Shampoo and Natural Conditioner are great products for healthy, shiny locks

  5. Hair oils make a big difference

    Coconut oil, argan oil, and macadamia oil. Big Three for healthy looking hair. Argan oil is especially good for your hair, because of its high concentration of fatty acids and vitamin E. This is the stuff that improves shine, stimulates hair growth and makes your hair very healthy overall. In fact, it is so good for health and skin, that it has a proven effect on acne, wrinkles and dry, itchy scalp that tends to produce dandruff. However, argan oil is quite expensive, so if you want something cheaper, coconut oil is a great replacement.

  6. Save heat-styling tools for special occasions

    One of the worst things you can do is use heat on hair. It is very damaging, makes it dry and frizzy. Things like straighteners are your enemies for everyday routine. Instead, take pride in your natural hair texture. You can use a blow-dryer daily, but try to put it on a cooler setting and use some heat protection like By Vilain Sidekick.

  7. Exercise regularly

    Working out at home or going to the gym is a great way to improve your body‘s condition. As I have already mentioned, if your body is healthy, your hair should follow as well. By working out, you are automatically increasing the number of calories you burn. As the result, you eat more, but make sure your diet is clean. Working out helps to grow thicker hair and in some cases, has even helped some people get thicker facial hair. Take notes, men!

  8. Avoid stress

    Stress is the second most important factor of hair loss after genetics. If you started noticing that you just grab your hair and pull out a bunch of it, take notice of your mental state. Socialize, live a happy life and your body will follow you. Being happy on the inside is very important to be handsome on the outside. „Happy me – happy hair“ should be your motto from now on.

healthy hair tips for men

Here you go, men. 8 healthy hair tips for men’s hairstyle. Of course, there are some factors like genetics, air pollution etc. that you cannot change, but despite that, make the best of these steps and your hair condition should improve. However, healthy hair tips are nothing without self-confidence which is the key to any good looking hairstyle!


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