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Hairstyles To Try While Ditching The Undercut | GentleHair.com

Hairstyles to try while ditching the undercut

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Even though the undercut still remains quite popular due to its versatility and slow movement of trends to some countries, the trend is slowly coming to an end. Many famous celebrities and athletes are moving forward and try to ditch this hairstyle. However, really short sides make it quite hard to change it up for something else. To make the quitting process easier, GentleHair is presenting you six hairstyles to try while ditching the undercut.

Hairstyles to try – Contrast weight line

An extremely trendy hairstyle that is growing in popularity quite fast. Worth to try for its versatility, because it actually suits any hair type – from straight to curly. Moving to this hairstyle from an undercut shouldn’t be too hard, since growing the top of your sides is very easy. This hairstyle can work as a halfway stop between an undercut and a medium-long hairstyle.

Hairstyles to try – Side-part

The old classic just cannot die. Even your grandpa probably rocked this hairstyle at some point of his life. It came from the past century but remains one of the most popular styles of all time, so you can’t go wrong with this one – it passed the test of time. Works well when ditching the undercut, because the sides are still shorter than the top. However, you will need to go to the barber and get some tweaks like a taper. Get some pomade for the more classy and shiny look or go for matte wax or clay if you are more of a modern gentleman type.

Hairstyles to try – Quiff

The last time a quiff was as popular as it is today was probably in the 1950s. It regained a huge amount of popularity these days and is seen almost everywhere. While you can rock this hairstyle with an undercut, the grown outsides would work just as well. Just use natural matte effect product with a stronghold to make them tidier and gain that volume on the top.

Hairstyles to try – Messy medium long hairstyle

This hairstyle is one of the hottest trends in the year of 2015. You can see it in a lot of men style magazines, TV shows etc. This is a perfect hairstyle to reveal your hair’s natural charm. Just use some product with a natural matte finish to keep it all in place during the day, but don’t be afraid to mess it around when you feel like doing it. Awesome style while ditching the undercut.

Hairstyles to try – Classic pompadour

If you like classic styles more, this is yet another one to try and it’s perfect while ditching the undercut. When your sides grow out enough, you can slick them and the top with some pomade to get this great rockability hairstyle. It is one of the styles that just doesn’t die and remains popular through all times.

Hairstyles to try – Buzzcut

The fastest and most convenient way to quit rocking the undercut is probably just to buzz all of your hair and get a buzzcut. That way, there won’t be such a big difference between the top and the sides. That’s a lot more comfortable when trying to grow out your hair, especially for longer hairstyles.

Here you go men, hopefully, among these six hairstyles, you can find a style that you want to rock while ditching the undercut. This year could be the last when the trend is at the top, so don’t miss the opportunity to grow your hair out and hop on something else. Whatever you choose, just sport it with confidence!


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