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Barbershops vs salons. What is the best choice for men? | GentleHair

Barbershops vs salons. What is the best choice for men?


When given the choice of where they want to get their haircut, men can choose from either barbershops or salons. Each of the places has its advantages and disadvantages and provide different kinds of haircuts. GentleHair wouldn‘t be GentleHair if we didn‘t take a deeper look and find out which place is the best bet for most men. Without further ado, we will look into different categories and choose a winner in each of them.

  • Use of clippers

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This one is quite easy. Barbers are masters with clippers and specialize in fades. They try to use clippers as much as possible, making the hairstyles really neat and tidy. While a good stylist can be great with clippers, he can‘t reach the level of a good barber.

Winner: Barbershop

  • Use of scissors

A lot of modern barbershops are great when using scissors. However, stylists are usually trained to use scissors instead of clippers as much as possible. This one is a bit harder to decide, because barbershops are getting better and better with the use of scissors, but they are not on the level of salons yet.
Winner: Salon

  • Styling


It‘s hard to choose a winner in this category, since barbers and stylists can both style your hair very well, they just do it in different ways. Barbers are definetily the best for classic looks, while stylists may be better in modern ones. However, in our modern society, both groups can do either looks.

Winner: Toss-up

  • Consistency

Every man needs a barber in his life if he wishes to keep a consistent look. When coming to a salon, you usually don‘t know what to expect when you come out. There is always a possibility that you will get a different stylist to cut your hair and even if you don‘t, chances are, he will cut your hair different than last time. A good barber, however, has a great memory and is very consistent, which means he will offer you the same haircut if you liked it the last time.

Winner: Barbershop

  • Atmosphere


I doubt that any man would want to go to a salon instead of a traditional old-school barbershop. The atmosphere is just so much better there for males. Once you enter a traditional barbershop, you can tell immediately that it‘s a men-zone – there is no place for women there. There are so much more things to talk about in a barbershop than a salon.

Winner: Barbershop

  • Price

This is one of the categories which has no real winner. Prices may vary in different barbershops as well as salons. However, if you are low on budget and need a clean haircut, a barbershop is probably better than a low-end salon.

Winner: Toss-up (barbershop, if low on budget)

  • Extras

We will not choose a winner for this category, since both places offer a lot of extras other than hair cutting. Barbershops, for example, are much better at shaving and facial hair styling, while salons offer better hair coloring etc. Choose one depending on your needs.


As you can see, barbershop is the winner from our point of view. Barbers offer great consistency, they are great with clippers and usually the best bang for buck overall. However, salons also have a lot of advantages over barbershops and should not be overlooked. In the end, choose whatever suits your needs and offers the things that you need. Take care, men!

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