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8 Stylish Black Men Haircuts ideas For In 2018 | GentleHair.com

8 Stylish Black Men Haircuts ideas For In 2018

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Are you black men considering things like relaxing and permanent hair straightening? Well, GentleHair believes you should take pride of your awesome natural hair texture instead. Your unique hair structure allows you to achieve a lot of hairstyles that no other race can achieve. From the 90s flattop and many of its variations to the polished fades and awesome dreadlocks. Here are a few haircuts that you can use as inspiration for your new style.

  1. Flattop

    The hairstyle of golden 80s-90s hip-hop era is making a comeback in the recent years. Many famous black celebrities and athletes such as NBA players Nerlens Noel or Iman Shumpert are bringing it back to life. Hair is extremely short on the sides and gradually comes to the long top.

  2. Long dreadlocks

    Dreadlocks have been a part of black people culture for a long time. One of the best men’s long hairstyles of all time is blossoming in a modern era. Black people are now fading the sides or even disconnect them, thus creating a unique version of the popular undercut man-bun. However, you can still go for the classic look!

  3. The Afro Hawk

    This awesome hairstyle gets a completely new twist with afro hair texture. Sides should be kept really short with the longer top. Just throw in some hair product of your choice, make it as messy as you like and you are good to go!

  4. Short dreadlocks fade/undercut

    The photos below just prove how versatile the undercut is, and that is one of the reasons why it remains one of the most popular hairstyles these days. Short dreadlocks give it a great original look, which is easily pulled off by any black man.

  5. Short fade

    This hairstyle is great for active, sporty black men who want a hairstyle that is a bit trendier. Fades give a fantastic fresh and clean feel. Fading suits afro hair very well because the dense and thick texture helps with graduation. An example of great fade look is Will Smith.

  6. Buzzcut

    This classic men’s hairstyle would probably suit any man. However, the strong facial structure of a black man is perfect for this manly cut. It is easy to maintain even by yourself and perfect for the upcoming summer.

  7. Bald

    Are you losing hair? Instead of trying to hide the bald spots, try to shave your head completely. If anyone can make baldness look right, it’s black men. They look extremely manly rocking this “hairstyle”. It is also very easy to maintain and suits the hot weather.

  8. Short natural curls

    his hairstyle is kind of like a grown out buzzcut. Still short enough to suit sporty men, but has enough length to show out that nice dense, curly texture.

Here you go, guys. 8 nice hairstyles suitable for afro hair. However, don’t be afraid to mix things up and come up with your own style. Take the man in the picture below as an example. He doesn’t fit in any of these particular hairstyle categories, but his confidence and uniqueness make it look great.

Stylish Black Men Haircuts

All in all, I hope that this article will help some black men to find a hairstyle inspiration. Nevertheless, it should contain some helpful tips for all races. Take care, men!

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